Boquete Hotels

Boquete Hotels, as listed below, are numerous and come in a wide range of quality levels and price points. Just like most things in life, you get what you pay for! The lowest priced Boquete accommodations are hostels or a Pensión – which translates simply as ‘Pension’. So you might think of these Panama Hotels as ‘budget hotels’ or places where pensioners might stay. Some are plain and simple but quite nice. Others not so much! With budget accommodations you will typically find rooms minimalist. You may even need to share a bathroom. Boquete accommodations can also be very luxurious as at Valle Escondido Resort or the Los Establos Boutique Hotel.

Name Phone (507)
Town $/ nt Website / Contact
Isla Verde 720-2533 4 min walk $80+
Boquete Garden Inn 720-2376 5 min drive $75+
Hostal Refugio del Río 720-2088 2 min walk $10+
Hostal Nomba 6-497-5672 4 min walk $7+
Hostal Boquete 720-2573 5 min walk $25+
Valle Escondido 720-2893 5 min drive $150+
Panamonte Inn 720-1324 10 min walk $80+
Rio Cristal Mtn Lodge 720-1635 30 min drive $80
Hostal Villa Marita 720-2165 10 min drive $60+
Hotel El Oasis 720-1827 8 min walk $40+
Casa Pedro 720-2402 10 min drive $45+
Boquete Lux Apartments 720-2338 4 min walk $90+
Cabañas Sunny Hills 775-2822 7 min drive $65+
La Montaña y el Valle 720-2211 15 min drive $130
Los Establos 720-2685 20 min drive $110+
Pensión Topas 720-1005 4 min walk $20+
Valle Primavera 720-2881 5 min walk $35
Hostal Palacios 720-2048 3 min walk $8
Cabañas Momentum 720-4385 15 min drive $45+
Hostal Las Mercedes 6-660-3138 3 min walk $10+
The Riverside Inn 720-1076 9 min drive $165+
Hostal Bora Bora 6-781-6279 10 min walk $7+
Hostal Gaia 720-1952 5 min walk $10+
Hostal Beiro 6478-4015 3 min walk
La Casa del Risco 730-8313 15 min drive $130+
Pensión Doña Cata 720-1260 5 min walk $12
Hostal El Colibrí 720-1024 4 min walk $14+
Tinamou Cottage 720-3852 10 min drive $90+
Hotel Fundadores 720-1298 3 min walk $27+
Hotel Rebequet 720-1365 4 min walk $33+
Boquete Paradise 720-2278 10 min drive $89+
Kalima Suites 720-2884 4 min walk $40
La Huaca Inn 720-2515 10 min walk $40
Cabañas Villa Lorena 720-1848 15 min walk $50
Hotel Petit Mozart 720-3764 10 min drive $30+
Cabañas Sabrín 720-2374 10 min drive $65+
Cabañas Los Pinos 775-1521 8 min walk $50+
Pensión Marilós 720-1380 4 min walk $10
Sueños del Río 720-2736 6 min walk $10+
Hotel Ladera 730-9000 10 min walk $90+
The Haven Spa 730-9345 20 min walk $call$
Valle del Rio 720-2525 5 min walk $40+

Note: Panama has only one area code – 507. Phones calls made from within the country do not require the area code. From Canada or the U.S. dial 011 + 507 and then the number. From all other countries check your directory. Cell phone numbers begin with the prefix 6.

Stayed in a Boquete Hotel, Pensión or Hostel? Please share your comments and review below to help your fellow Panama Travellers – Muchas Gracias!

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