Fundadores Hotel Boquete

The Fundadores Hotel Boquete was our first experience with Hotels in Boquete. It was during our late arrival on a busy weekend. Unknown to us it was close to the opening of one of the many Boquete Fairs. There was not a lot of choice so we stayed the Hotel Fundadores. It is located on the main street just at the beginning of the Boquete town strip. What is referred to as Bajo Boquete. The Fundadores Hotel Boquete is one of the originals – you can tell! In fact the word ‘Fundadores’ is Spanish for Founders. I would call this Boquete Hotel ‘cheap and cheerful’ enough for a decent nights sleep. No frills but still plenty of character.

Fundadores Hotel Boquete Panama
Fundadores Hotel Boquete

The Fundadores Hotel is old and its very close to the busy main street but once you are inside fears of noise and the proximity to the road quickly disappear as the layout of the hotel spreads out to the rear so the rooms are well away from the road.

One of the interesting and charming aspects of the hotel Fundadores is that it actually has a small stream that runs right through the middle of the hotel and restaurant.  The Fundadores has 38 rooms with hot water; a restaurant; a bar and sometimes an active disco. In back of the hotel they have plenty of parking.

Room prices vary but this Boquete Hotel is definitely in the  lower price range. And certainly a budget hotel compared to Hotel Panamonte Boquete or Valle Escondido Hotel Boquete which are close by but at the top end of the price and quality range. The well known round houses of ‘Isla Verde’ are right around the corner on the same rivers edge.

Reservations are typically not necessary – as I opened this Boquete Hotels Review – this was the last place in town with vacancy and they appeared to still have rooms after we checked in.  For availability and to make a reservation see below.

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