Hotel Panamonte Boquete

The Hotel Panamonte is an institution. It is the oldest and one of the most beautiful Boquete hotels.The Panamonte is located on the other end of the main street where the

Hotel Panamonte Boquete
Hotel Panamonte Boquete
road splits to a ‘Y’ if you stay the right you will quickly come to the Panamonte Hotel on your left hand side. In recent years flooding of the Chirqui River took out a bridge just beyond the hotel so it no sits almost at the  end of the road making for a quieter setting. With the Fundadores Hotel being the first hotel as you enter Boquete the Panamonte is the last hotel considered to be ‘in town’ or at least an easy walk from the center of Boquete.

For many years, in fact many decades the Hotel Panamonte was the only hotel in town. Visitors to the Chiriqui Highlands would come from Cerro Punta (a small village on the other side of Volcan Baru) hiking the Los Quetzales Trail in search of the illusive and resplendent Quetzal. It’s easily a days hike which finishes in Boquete with the lovely Panamonte Hotel awaiting.

Los Quetzales Trail

Quetzales Trail
The Illusive and Resplendid Quetzal

Sendero de los Quetzales – “Footpath of the Quetzals” – aka Quetzales Trail is considered by many to be one of the most gorgeous hiking trails in all of Central America. The Quetzals Trail is certainly the most popular hike in Panama’s western Chiriqui Highlands. Well known throughout the world by hikers and bird watchers many coe simply to catch a glimpse of the illusive but beautiful Quetzal – pictured here.

The trail is located within the Volcan Baru National Park, the Sendero de los Quetzales – “Footpath of the Quetzals”  and links Guadalupe, near Cerro Punta on the west side of the Volcano, to Boquete on the east side of the Volcano. The trail skirts the north side of Volcan Baru and can be hiked in either direction with most preferring the slightly downward slope starting in Cerro Punta and finishing in Boquete.

A welcome sight to weary and pleasantly exhausted hikers the Panamonte Hotel has been receiving guests since 1914. Presidents, foreign dignitaries and even movie stars have stayed at this lovely Boquete Inn.

The Panamonte Inn

The Panamonte Inn is owned and run by the Collins-Elliot family, who for more than 50 years have harmoniously blended their Scandinavian traditions with the friendliness and natural beauty that Boquete is known for. Recent renovations have included a luxury spa and room enhancements. The Panamonte also is home to the Charlie Collins Culinary School of Panama. Under Charlie Collins watchful eye the restaurante at the Panamonte is earning a reputation as one if not the finest dining establishments in Boquete and possibly all of Panama.

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