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Isla Grande Panama

Isla Grande is always been a popular spot on the Caribbean shores of Panama due to its seclusion and the beauty of the area.  Locally, it is simply called “La Isla” (The Island). Panamanians and people from all all over come to Isla Grande to enjoy the snorkeling, fishing and sometimes just relaxing while listening to the sea. Isla Grande means ‘Grand or Large Island’. In this case it’s a but of a misnomer as Isla Grande is really not very big! The name is derived from the comparison to it’s sister islands nearby. The island itself is found inside the Portobelo National park. Transportation is easy, cheap and quick –  just a 5 minute boat ride from the small town of La Guaira where locals make their living by fishing and tourism. Isla Grande has a population of about 300 inhabitants and is quite lush with an abundance of flora and fauna. Just offshore and surrounding most of the island are coral reefs – perfect for a day of snorkeling. Isla Grande is not well known as a tourist destination but it is a favorite among Panamanian’s. On most weekends and holidays locals fill the small beaches and narrow roads. That makes Isla Grande is very quiet spot during the week and one can even spend a night in solitude camping on the beach. However, on weekends and holidays, up to a thousand local tourists can show up with parties easy to find.

Cabañas – Villas – Hotels on Isla Grande Panama

Villa Ensueño Phone:  (507)-448-2964.

Candy Rose Cabañas:  Phone (507)448-2947

Aguamarina Eco Lodge: Phone (507)6527-0909.

Sister Moon Hotel: Phone (507) 226-9861 / 674-1473.

Bananas Resort: (507)263-9510

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  1. I am trying to locate my son Joshua (Josh) Sakal. He was to arrive at Isla Grande today Wednesday April 7th and stay for 2 nights. He was going to be on the northern Island above Colon and explore the island, camp on the beach, and snorkel.

    We haven’t heard from him since Saturday April 3rd. If you see or hear from him could you please let me know and also ask him to contact me as soon as he can?

    Steve Sakal
    1-714-894-4984 Pacific Time USA
    1-714-894-5454 Pacific Time USA