Playa Blanca

Many who arrive in Panama stay the first night or two at a Panama City Hotel but after a while they long for the beach and fortunately just 45 minutes from the city you will find a number of luxurious Panama Hotels right on the beach.

Playa Blanca Panama

Playa Blanca is Spanish for ‘White Beach’ actually the direct translation would be ‘Beach White’ so as an English speaking foreigner one would think it would be called ‘Blanca Playa’. But this is just one of the many terms in Spanish which appear in reverse order to us Gringos! It seems there is a Playa Blanca in pretty much every Latin country in the world but the original Playa Blanca probably relates to the southern coastal town on the Spanish island of Lanzarote.

Playa Blanca Resort Panama
Playa Blanca Resort

In Panama Playa Blanca is the beach area which begins about 45 minutes outside of Panama City. This area is also referred to as ‘Arco Seco‘ meaning ‘Dry Arc’. It’s unique place in Panama where the rainfall, for some meteorological reason unknown to me, is far less than other parts of Panama.

Here you will find the Royal Decameron Beach Resort Playa Blanca. One of the most popular all-inclusive resort in all of Panama. It’s smaller neighbour, the Playa Blanca Resort also known as Hotel Playa Blanca is also quite popular with locals and foreigners alike. It was formerly part of Barceló managed hotels and resorts and is still sometimes referred to as such. Like it’s counter part, Decameron these resorts have gone into the real estate development business to take advantage of the ever increasing demand for Panama Beach Condominums. The Club Playa Blanca takes care of owners needs and provides a lot of premium services. At Decameron their Beach Club even has it’s very own private pool, beach area, restaurant and bar.

Playa Blanca Villas

Luxury Villas in Playa Blanca are being added all the time as these and newer resorts expand all along Arco Sec soaking up sun and profits.

Playa Blanca Villas Panama
Playa Blanca Villas

The Playa Blanca Villas have a been a vacation and weekend spot for more affluent Panamanians long before baby-boomer ex-pats arrived in Playa Blanca and started buying up Panama Beach real estate. Now other Panama Beach Resorts are getting in on the business many with low maintenace condominium beach towers. Vista Mar, Royalton Panama Spa & Beach Resort, Breezes Superclub Panama, the beautiful and exclusive Bristol Buenaventura  are some of the newer beach resort communities which are populating Panama’s Dry Arc.

All of Panama’s resorts at Playa Blanca enjoy a very high occupancy rate during dry season – the typical holiday season for most Americans – January through May but there are some great deals to be had in off-season. These resorts stay open year round and due to ‘Arco Seco’ they weather can be very nice anytime of the year. If you are not afraid of the odd shower you may just find 50% or more off an all-inclusive Panama vacation at one of these beautiful Resorts.

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