The Azuero Peninsula

Península de Azuero is a very large peninsula which juts out from the southern coast around the middle of Panama. This is the Pacific Ocean side of where the peninsula creates the Gulf of Montijo to the west, and the Gulf of Panama to the east. It is split into the Western Azuero and the Eastern Azuero. It’s important to note that the main roads are located in the eastern part. And while it’s said there are no serviceable roads joining the two regions that’s not quite accurate. I have entered the Azuero from the western part and travled all the way round the tip to Pedasi and beyond in the eastern part. On that first exploration into the Azuero is when we discovered lovely Playita – little beach.

La Playita – Azuero Peninsula


The East part of the Azuero Peninsula is very well developed and has an excellent highway leading from the Pan-American Highway all the way to Pedasi. This is thanks to the former President, Mireya Moscoso who was born in Pedasi and still keeps a residence there. The area is also well known for baseball and it is the true home of Carnaval (carnival), with the town of Las Tablas being the center of it all. If you want to experience the real Panama Carnavale full-on you have to do it in Las Tablas. Pedasi is a little further south and on the coast. This small village has gained a great reputation for sport fishing and is the gate way to excellent surfing at Playa Venado.

Tourism has and real estate development has been increase dramatically on the Azuero Peninsula due the aforementioned fishing and surfing but also in large part due to the local charm of cities like Chitré, Las Tablas and Pedasi. Of course it doesn’t hurt that the Azuero also  enjoys some of the nicest weather in all of Panama. The tip of the Azuero, just beyond Pedasi is known as the end point of Arco Seco – the dry arc.

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