What the Fiscal Cliff Deal Means For Americans Living in Panama

This week’s Offshore Living Letter by Lief Simon offerred up some very interesting facts about the Fiscal Cliff Deal that many American’s likely don’t know about. It just illustrates that the opportunities for American’s Living in Panama keep getting better! Special guest columnist to OFL, Christian Reeves, addresses the particulars of the eleventh hour fiscal cliff deal –… Continue Reading

Final 24 Hours: Save US$250 Per Person At This Year’s Offshore Summit

The window is closing for the Early Bird Discount for my Emergency Offshore Summit. While the Early Bird Discount remains in effect, you’ll save US$250 per person toward the cost of registration. Scheduled for next month, the event is slated to give you enough time to get all of your finances in shape before the… Continue Reading

Panama Residency and a Work Permit too!

Here’s the most important thing to understand about the “offshore world”: The rules can (and do) change fast. You can’t assume you understand something today (to do with establishing residency, obtaining citizenship, opening a bank account, etc.) because you researched it a month or two ago. The new “Specific Countries” residency permit that Panama’s President… Continue Reading

Panama Real Estate Is A More Appealing Strategy Than Ever

For American’s Panama Real Estate Is A More Appealing Strategy Than Ever Putting your money into foreign real estate is becoming a more appealing strategy all the time. Real estate has always made sense as an asset allocation strategy, but today more than ever before foreign property should be part of every investment portfolio, especially for… Continue Reading

Panama is Still the One

The Sovereign Society Offshore A-Letter Says: Here’s Why Panama is Still The One! The Best Place to Invest in Real Estate! This week, Erika Nolan, Founding Publisher and Executive Director for The Sovereign Society shared a story about a Canadian member of the society who visited Panama for a Symposium and fell in love with the country.… Continue Reading