What the Fiscal Cliff Deal Means For Americans Living in Panama

This week’s Offshore Living Letter by Lief Simon offerred up some very interesting facts about the Fiscal Cliff Deal that many American’s likely don’t know about. It just illustrates that the opportunities for American’s Living in Panama keep getting better! Special guest columnist to OFL, Christian Reeves, addresses the particulars of the eleventh hour fiscal cliff deal –… Continue Reading

Final 24 Hours: Save US$250 Per Person At This Year’s Offshore Summit

The window is closing for the Early Bird Discount for my Emergency Offshore Summit. While the Early Bird Discount remains in effect, you’ll save US$250 per person toward the cost of registration. Scheduled for next month, the event is slated to give you enough time to get all of your finances in shape before the… Continue Reading

Top 3 Tips For Packing If You Plan To Move to Panama

Whether you move to Panama for retirement or because you have found a better job under the new and improved immigration laws or you purchased a more spacious house, the whole process of packing and loading your belongings is definitely stressful and even annoying sometimes. In this guest post one of our long time Learn… Continue Reading

Panama Residency and a Work Permit too!

Here’s the most important thing to understand about the “offshore world”: The rules can (and do) change fast. You can’t assume you understand something today (to do with establishing residency, obtaining citizenship, opening a bank account, etc.) because you researched it a month or two ago. The new “Specific Countries” residency permit that Panama’s President… Continue Reading

Best place to locate travel deals

Finding a good travel deal can help you save a lot of money on your next vacation and even allow you to afford an additional vacation.  Some people will not even consider going on a vacation because they think it will cost too much money.  However, this is not the case and a vacation can… Continue Reading

A Quick Easy Way to get Residency in Panama

There’s an easy way to get an instant visa and residency in Panama. Yes, it’s true. For most followers of Learn About Panama time is somewhat of a luxury and doing the appropriate amount of research and planning is is top of mind. However, for a select few getting out of the U.S. or somewhere else and… Continue Reading

The Best Place to Invest in Real Estate

When it comes to finding the best real estate investment opportunities most people are looking in all the wrong places. They search frantically for the next big flip – the next big pre-sale opportunity where they can get in early. They think pre-construction is best and the only trick is to identify what the next Hot Market… Continue Reading