Why you might want to live and retire in Panama

I recently received this letter form Paul Smith. He’s a budding travel writer who recently looked at the advantages of living and retiring in Panama. Although Paul writes about many things LAP readers know as common knowledge I though it wold be nice to hear it from someone else like you who has been doing their own… Continue Reading

The World’s Most Affordable Places To Retire…

The World’s Most Affordable Places To Retire… The world’s safest retirement havens…friendliest places to live…best weather…lowest tax burdens…most beautiful, most exciting, most infatuating places to hang your hat… Plus best rental options…smartest places to own… From Chiang Mai, Thailand and Cuenca, Ecuador (cheapest)…to Ambergris Caye, Belize and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (foreign resident-friendly)… Complete and in-depth… Continue Reading

Panamanians Most Positive People in the World

Gallup Poll finds Panamanians the Most Positive People in the World Latin Americans are the most positive people in the world, with their region being home to eight of the top 10 countries for positive emotions worldwide. Residents in Panama and Paraguay are the most likely to report experiencing positive emotions. Singaporeans, Armenians, and Iraqis are… Continue Reading

My Latest Panama Adventure

Time for a Panama Road Trip! It had been almost three years since we took a good road trip from Panama City across the country to Boquete. So, we decided to take a couple of weeks and explore some of our favourite spots. We really tried to put our 10 year Panama history aside and… Continue Reading

Save On the Most Comprehensive Panama Kit Ever!

Live and Invest Overseas has a brand-new resource which features programs and materials from all of their top contacts and resources in beautiful Panama…everyone you need to know to make all of your luxury beach dreams come true… Including residency, tax, and offshore attorneys… local and international banking contacts…real estate professionals, for both sales and… Continue Reading

The Wise People Are Right When They Say You Should Fly Privately!

Certainly not in everyone’s ‘snack bracket’ but today our guest author expores the benefits of arranging your own private flight. Travelling is an exciting yet tedious activity. The excitement comes during the actual process of travelling. On the other hand, it could turn out to be a tiresome, annoying and tedious activity especially during the… Continue Reading

Much Money Do You Need To Retire?

How Much Money Do You Need To Retire? Lief Simon and his top contacts and resources around the world have worked for the past six months to create the new “Passport To Freedom: The World’s Top Havens For Residency, Citizenship, And A Second Passport” program. Lief understands both the benefits and the practical how-to’s of establishing residency… Continue Reading

What the Fiscal Cliff Deal Means For Americans Living in Panama

This week’s Offshore Living Letter by Lief Simon offerred up some very interesting facts about the Fiscal Cliff Deal that many American’s likely don’t know about. It just illustrates that the opportunities for American’s Living in Panama keep getting better! Special guest columnist to OFL, Christian Reeves, addresses the particulars of the eleventh hour fiscal cliff deal –… Continue Reading