Could a Pine Apple Farm be the Best Place to Invest in Panama?

Panama Pineapple exports might Double
Panama Pineapples

According to – an independent news source for companies operating in the global fruit and vegetable sector, the Pineapple exports from Panama could double in the next few years.

Currently there are only about 3,500 hectares dedicated to Pineapple farming in Panama. That’s quite paltry when compared to neighboring Costa Rica where over 50,000 hectares are used to produce Pineapples. However, Panama is recognizing their competitive advantage and focusing on increasing their exports dramatically.  The competitive advantage in Panama is primarily courtesy of mother nature as the soil in Panmaa is more conducive to growing the fruit. The soil in Panama is very porous thus preventing excessive accumulation of water which increases humidity and in term attracting rodents and accelerates rotting of the fruit. Combing this with a growing desire to develop better farming techniques and you’ve got an industry that’s on the move.

So, if you’re wondering what you might do in Panama – perhaps looking for investment opportunities or even a hobby farm you might want to seriously consider a Pineapple farm.

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