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Bocas del Toro, Panama is the capital of the province of Bocas del Toro and is an island community located on Isla San Cristobal. The town of Bocas is compact with almost every hotel and restaurant within walking distance of the Bocas Airport and the waterfront. Beware Bocas is right at sea level. This is not a problem for storms or water rising as Bocas is very protected well inside the archipelago. The caution relates to heat and sand fleas. Bocas is hot! Day and night but many of the Bocas Budget Hotels and Hostels do not have air conditioning. Many a back packer has been lured to a $10 per night hostel only to leave the next day and gladly pay $30 for an air conditioned room in one of the Bocas Hotels. Also, for rooms located right at waterside or any room down low sand fleas are common early morning visitors. If you choose to stay in a non-air conditioned Bocas hotel always opt for second floor both to get away from the fleas and to capture a bit of a breeze.

Name Phone (507)
Airport $/ nt Website / Contact
Swan’s Cay 757-9090 10 min walk $100+
Hotel Laguna 757-9091 10 min walk $75+
La Veranda 757-9211 50 min walk $35+
Al Natural Resort 757-9004 30+ min water taxi $290+ A.I.
El Limbo Sea side 5 min walk $99+
El Limbo Beach Side 30 min water taxi $70+A.I.
Punta Caracol 757-9410 20 min water taxi $316+A.I.
Tropical Suites 757-9880 15 min walk $140+
* 123-4567 0 min walk $0+
* 123-4567 0 min walk $0+
* 123-4567 0 min walk $0+
Tropical Panama
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