Boquete & Highlands Hotels

When I first began researching Panama and planning my initial visit there was not a lot of information available online. I had been corresponding with a fellow who was representing the sale of Teak and Noni Farms in the Bocas del Toro areas. Although he turned out to be crook and the farms a scam he did give me some decent advise and tips on how to plan out my exploration of Panama. I was intent on heading straight to Bocas to check out his farms but he suggested I continue my trip with a visit to the Chiriqui Highlands and the village of Boquete. Good advice it turns out! When trying to find a place to stay it was another story. There was only one place (at the time it was called Momentum but under new ownership is now the Boquete River Inn) that I could find a little information about online and this particular spot was quite a ways south of the actual village of Boquete. I decided we would have to wing it and find accommodation when we got to Boquete. Unbeknownst to me the Coffee & Flower Fair was on the weekend of our arrival and the town was almost 100% booked up. Fortunately we did find a room at the Fundadores Hotel on main street. It would not have been my preferred place to stay but at least we had a bed for the night.

Now Boquete has grown but more importantly the internet has grown to offer more and more information and hotel listings for Panama. Below you will find the best bargains we could unearth. I encourage you to make reservations so you don’t get stuck with the last room in town like we did!