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PanamaMark has more than 10 years experience researching the best Panama has to offer for visting, living, investing, doing business, and owning real estate. 10 years ago he embarked on an adventure by moving his family from the central Canada to Boquete, Panama. In the decade since, he has established businesses in both countries while also buying and selling real estate too. For the past few years, Mark  has divided his time between Panama and the west coast of Canada. Today, he is planning his next adventure — a return to full time residency and part time retirement in Panama.

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So what will you get from Mark’s Letters? What makes Mark different? Well, thanks to Mark’s unique situation which blends a family with adventure travel abroad, he can bring a different perspective to your ideas about living abroad. When one lives here or there they tend to develop attitudes and gather information which is centric to the place they call home. By traveling, exploring and residing in both worlds Mark can truly understand where you are now. Each time he visits a new part of Panama he does so with the eyes and curiosity of an outsider looking in. Because he is driven by an insatiable need to learn and meet new people he has assembled a network of friends, contacts and experts in numerous fields throughout the country. This ‘Little Black Book’ of people and places combined with his on-the-ground experiences will give you that insiders perspective you really want. If you’ve been dreaming about starting a new life abroad…  retiring to paradise…  putting yourself in a position to profit this exciting, evolving markets… owning a second home in the tropics… starting a business in an emerging marketplace… or just simply starting…. then sign-up for Mark’s Letters from Panama right now!

“Mark. I receive all your emails and have fun reading your spiel on Panama. I forward them to some of my friends who are, through you, learning more about Panama too. Many thanks for that contact name – I will try and make contact via email then in person.”

Many Thanks Maureen New Smyrna Beach, FL USA


“Why not just fly to Panama and talk to the people there?”

Marks  advice is specifically tailored to U.S. and Canadian  citizens considering moving to Panama.  The so-called experts you may meet on your own are Panamanian citizens who have lived in  Panama most of their lives. They can’t possibly have the insider knowledge that Mark has accumulated.  Remember, he’s  been in your shoes….

  • Glued to a computer screen, reading everything he could find on  relocating to Panama…
  • Scared of  making the wrong decision….
  • Excited about  the possibility of adventure…
  • Not sure about the whole thing…
  • Experiencing Information Overload!

Not only that, but Mark actually made the move.  He know’s what it’s like  to be a foreigner in Panama.  To navigate the laws and customs – to give you a perspective that no native Panamanian can. But don’t take our word for it check out what Mark’s Readers Have To Say:

“In the first 15 minutes of our call I learned more about how to safely manage my investments in Panama than I have from months of talking with other advisors. The people I’ve been in touch with before never even hinted at the importance of developing in-person relationships in Panama. Thanks very much for referring me to Derek. I certainly enjoyed talking with him and learning from him; and the “Panama business orientation” you gave me helped a lot. I have a lot of misinformation to clear out of my head.” 

Ruth Rockey, C.F.P. Los Angeles, CA USA – named by MONEY Magazine as one of the best financial planners in the nation

“Our experience in Panama was extremely delightful, thanks to you. Believe me it wasn’t an easy decision with so much to choose from and our stringent requirements. My wife and I are extremely experienced real estate investors in South Florida so we are not an easy sell. It took us six full days to make up our minds. I hope this helps you and hopefully we can meet when we visit Panama again. Perhaps the first part of next year, if our business goes according to plan.

Tom & Judy Lake Worth, FL USA

“Thank-you soooooooooo much for taking all the time and effort to help us with our Journey. We had a fantastic time and feel we really had a good taste of Panamanian culture. Boquete! WOW, I can see why your family would put down roots in this Beautiful Mountain Village. The countryside was Gorgeous and the people were very friendly. I really look forward to getting together and laughing a lot! We have lots more to chat about and of course many, many photos. Thanks again for your kindness with helping us.

Mike Van Nerum Century 21, Masters Hall of Fame Representative Victoria, BC Canada

“Your knowledge of Panamanian real estate opportunities was exceptional and this helped me to embrace Panama and recommend this country as a good place to do business. I could not believe the variety of available investments.”

Paul Dabbs, Luxury Home Builder Vancouver Island, BC Canada

“I knew very little about Panama but after just 5 minutes speaking with Mark I was so excited about the opportunities that I am already planning my visit! Not only does it sound like a safe and friendly country it sounds like one of the best investment opportunities out there! Don’t think Mark is all hype – he has already set me up with valuable information only an “insider” would know. With his network of contacts he has saved me hundreds of dollars on travel and potentially thousands on any real estate investing I do. Thanks Mark!”

Matt Bacak, Best Selling Author & Self Made Millionaire Atlanta, GA USA