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How Do I Get To Panama?


David Panama
David Panama

Until recently all international flights arrived at Panama’s International Airport (PTY), Tocumen International is the proper name. But now you can also fly direct from Costa Rica to the western most city of David. Tocumen is about 20 miles outside (east) of Panama City while the David Airport is on the west side of the city of David. David is the capital city of the province of Chiriqui and the third largest city in the country. It is located about 53 km (33 mi) from Paso Canoas which is the border town to access Costa Rica. Flights to David from San Jose Costa Rica on Air Panama and TACA Airlines have recently been added due to the explosive expat population in the Chiriqui region, most notably the highland community of Boquete. Panama City (PTY) is very well connected to the Americas and Europe. Continental and American Airlines have direct (non-stop) service from Miami, Houston, Newark and Atlanta. In total  almost 20 countries offer non-stop flights to Panama. Special Update – for air travel within Panama note that Aeroperlas no longer offers service in Panama.

When arriving at Tocumen International you will need to take a taxi, bus, or rent a car to get into Panama City. The Airport taxis has set rates and you are free to share a cab with someone. It’s quite professionally organized and you need not be concerned with safety or being ripped off. There is ground transportation booth located in the arrivals terminal lobby which makes it quick and easy to make arrangements for your transport into the city. There are few Panama Hotels near the airport as it is not an area which offers much. However, if you have an early morning flight it can be convient to stay close by and catch the free airport shuttle. The Riande Aeropuerto Hotel is about a mile from the airport. It will run you about $100 for the night which is less than staying at comparable quality hotels right in Panama City. Continue Reading