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Save On the Most Comprehensive Panama Kit Ever!

Live and Invest Overseas has a brand-new resource which features programs and materials from all of their top contacts and resources in beautiful Panama…everyone you need to know to make all of your luxury beach dreams come true…

Including residency, tax, and offshore attorneys… local and international banking contacts…real estate professionals, for both sales and rentals… representatives from the top medical facilities and hospitals…plus insurance brokers, expats, business contacts, rental property managers, residency experts, and more…

Click Here to Learn more and how, for a limited time, you can save on this awesome Learn about Panama resource.

What people are saying about the new Panama Kit –

I appreciate everything I learn from you. Some of us poor guys have to get out of the States, before it consumes us. Keep doing what you’re doing…you are saving lives in the U.S. (well, at least one for sure). Thank you.

–Ray. S, United States

Thank you for all of this ongoing information. You are a lifeline to Americanswanting out right now.

— Peggy D., USA 

What I admire is your honest, tell-it-like-it-is approach. A lot of people have been hurt by nothing but glowing reports about offshore living from various sources. I am sure that your honest, direct approach will be a real service. I don’t know if you will sell as much stuff that way, but certainly will be doing a good work!

— Arlean K., United States

I wish to congratulate you for the quality of your reports. The plain, matter of fact, but essential and wise information we all need to take vital decisions, especially in these extremely difficult times.

— Peter L., United States

Your information is very good, and informative… Keep up your excellent information so more Americans can understand why people sometimes move out of the country

— Jack, R., Brazil

Final 24 Hours: Save US$250 Per Person At This Year’s Offshore Summit

The window is closing for the Early Bird Discount for my Emergency Offshore Summit. While the Early Bird Discount remains in effect, you’ll save US$250 per person toward the cost of registration. Scheduled for next month, the event is slated to give you enough time to get all of your finances in shape before the… Continue Reading

Panama Real Estate Is A More Appealing Strategy Than Ever

For American’s Panama Real Estate Is A More Appealing Strategy Than Ever Putting your money into foreign real estate is becoming a more appealing strategy all the time. Real estate has always made sense as an asset allocation strategy, but today more than ever before foreign property should be part of every investment portfolio, especially for… Continue Reading

LAP Members Exclusive Offer

Your Discounted Ticket To The World’s Top Retirement Haven Dear Learn about Panama Subscriber, You know there are some great reasons to be thinking about Panama as your personal retirement or investment haven as well as I do. Maybe some of them you understand better, because they’re your reasons. Perhaps you want, or even need,… Continue Reading

The Panama Starter Kit

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve encouraged you to take advantage of special offers for both the Panama Letter and the Live and Invest in Panama Conference. And it seems that, although you have expressed an interest in Panama, there was something holding you back… Perhaps the price was just out of range for… Continue Reading

The Real Panama

Panama Without The Sugar Coating Before you can determine where best to spend your time and your money, you need real-time, real-deal intelligence to help you compare and contrast one option with another. How else can you make the smart choice…the right choice for you? This is the promise of the Panama Letter. This is everything you… Continue Reading

Panama City Panama

Bienvenidos Panama City Panama! Wandering around Panama City I found myself thinking, ‘Just a few weeks ago if someone had suggested investing in Panama I would have laughed and thought they were crazy!’ Like most North Americans I knew little about Panama. To the best of my distant memory of high school geography Panama was… Continue Reading

Why Panama?

¡Bienvenido al Paraíso! Welcome to Panama! The first question people typically ask me is, “What caused you to check out Panama?” So, before you get my first ‘Letter from Panama‘ let me take a moment to introduce my family and answer that question. It was one of the most stressful years of our lives. Almost… Continue Reading