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The Panama Letter

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Panama – Where the World Meets!

Panama FAQ

Learn about Panama with some quick and interesting facts – where is Panama? What currency do they use? Is Panama Safe? Just a few of the questions as we explore Facts about Panama.

Panama City

The most modern and cosmopolitan City in all of Central American. What you discover in the Capital City of Panama will surprise and delight you.

Pearl Islands

The Pearl Islands aka – Archipiélago de las Perlas or Islas de las Perlas is a grouping of about 100 islands in the Gulf of Panama about 48 km off the Pacific coast of Panama.

Panama Highlands

Arguably the place that put Panama in the sights of many retirees Boquete Panama has been featured on list after list of the Best Places to Retire. Although Boquete in the province of  Chiriqui is one of the best known highland communities in Panama it’s not the only one.

Panama Beaches

Panama’s borders are small when compared to the expanse of beaches which line the country on the top and bottom. Blessed with beautiful beaches on both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea the majority of Panama’s beaches are untouched and undeveloped making for soem of the best beach exploration on the planet. Although the thought of virgin sand is wonderful don’t worry Panama also offers some fantastic beach side living in beautiful communities throughout the country.

Bocas del Toro

Next to Boquete Bocas, as it’s known locally, is probably the second most common spot known for ex-pat retirees. This archipelago island community is blessed with tranquil waters perfect for snokeling or a private island retreat.

Azuero Penninsula

The new ‘Gold Coast’ this is the most recent ‘hot spot’ in Panama garnering the attention of everyone from hollywood movie stars to retirees to surfers in search of the perfect break.

Panama in the News

What’s new in Panama? How is the media around the world noticing and reporting on happenings across the bridge of the Americas? Click to find out what people are saying about Panama.