John’s Letters from Panama

Ready to Learn even more about Panama?

Would it be interesting to follow along as someone just like you goes through the process of moving to Panama?

You’ve either already read my story or you may be in the process of just starting my Letters from Panama and I’ve got some really exciting news for you…

My good friend John is moving to Panama too!

John is an American citizen who is married to Deb, a Canadian. They are currently living in Victoria British Columbia Canada and will be making the move to Panama step-by-step over the next year or so. Now you can follow John’s story too. It’s quite different from mine, as you are about to discover.

John and Deb are well on their way to emigrating to Panama. In fact they have already had a home built just outside of Panama City that they currently rent out. The rental income on their property is so good they are not even going to move into it, at least for the next few years. Their plan is to take extended trips back to Panama and to thoroughly explore the country while enjoying the cash flow from their investment. It’s really a great way to go! They will be able to sample different areas of Panama and get to know what they like and don’t like. Will it be Panama City Condo living? A mountain retreat in the cool spring like climate of Boquete or maybe a beach house in Pedasi on the Azuero Peninsula. Even John and Deb don’t know! And the great part is that we get to look over their shoulders and follow their journey as they uncover hidden gems to create their idle lifestyle in Panama.

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