Political Considerations for the Retiree

Well, another week closer to the dreaded – longed for trip to Panama.

We continue to make progress getting rid of things, but took a slight detour last week when we started considering the possibility of renting a container. We are in the process of getting estimates and are having someone come to calculate the cubic footage we might require.

On that note, if we decide to ship some belongings to Panama, instead of selling everything at home, will they be safe after they arrive? Do we have to worry about their theft at dock side?

I suppose considerations such as these should apply to any foreign port, but I’m not going to any foreign port, I’m going to Panama.

I think one of the main issues to consider when making a move to a foreign country is if something does go wrong, and it will sooner or later, how difficult is it to discover what happened and how to resolve it. This speaks to “TRANSPARENCY”. This is particularly important to the foreigner without local contacts or a familiarity with the local culture and customs.

Panama President Martinelli
Panama Presidente Martinelli

In the last several years, during the Martinelli administration, Panama, in my opinion, is turning the corner and has definitely joined the world stage.

When one considers that only 12 years have past since the Panamanians have really been left to run their own country I think they have made amazing strides.

Most acknowledge they run the Panama Canal better than the Americans did. Their banking system is strong and run conservatively. They have made great strides improving their infrastructure and their education system. They have developed a middle class that is growing and thriving, which will benefit the entire country. They have entered into agreements with 12 other countries to share tax information which has helped clean up their reputation as a money laundering haven.

What does all this have to do with “Transparency”? Panama was recently rated by the New York Times as the number one place to visit in 2012. Over the last several years Panama is more and more in the mainstream of the international press. Usually on a positive note.

The more open a society, the more accountability it has to its visitors and its citizens. The more aware the world becomes of Panama the more accountable and transparent their political system will become. Just consider Arab Spring!

I believe the Panamanian Government has taken major steps in its effort to create a more transparent and accountable system. It gives me comfort and confidence if I choose to send a container of my valued property and I for one can’t wait to get there.

Viva Panama!

Move to Panama

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