Why People Chose Panama

Why Choose Panama?

I asked a few of my Panama Expat friends,

“Where were you living and what was the impetus for moving away and thinking about owning Property in Panama?”

People choose Panama Real Estate for a number of different reasons. They also come from a variety of different places. Here are a few stories you may identify with:

“We still live in Georgia, but we are looking forward to spending winters in Panama. We enjoy the relaxed and less stressful way of life that Panama offers . We bought three properties in Panama, one to build on and the other two for investments. I think property values will  go up in the future. We have found the people that live there very nice and friendly and have not run into a rude one yet!” Pat & Aaron – Georgia, U.S.A.

“At the time that Panama appeared on the brain waves we were living in eastern Canada. Most of the recent winters saw us escaping as Snowbirds to the American south. Our objective was to find property to purchase. After several winters of exploration we increased our research to include Central America. Real estate tours provided us with a wonderful look at Panama. After going on one such tour P.J. came back very excited. I joined him a few weeks later to check out Panama first hand. It did not disappoint. Cheers.” Joan – Ontario, Canada.

“We were living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina. In 2000, The US experienced a judicial coup d’etat when the Supreme Court appointed George Bush President. My husband and I, later in the Spring of 2001, took a trip to Europe and began asking each other the question, “Where do American’s go when they decided to emigrate from the US.?” Searching the internet, Panama kept coming up on the radar screen. We were not particularly interested in Central America (largely because we had very limited experience traveling there). Then 9/11 happened and we redoubled our efforts to find another place to live. Our criteria were: political stability, geographic accessibility, decent infrastructure and good health care. Through a series of “coincidences” we were invited to visit Panama. Our first stop was Panama City, which we thought was exciting, fun and amazingly first world with Latin flair (we still think so). Then we went to Bocas del Toro. We had a splendid time riding around in boats, going to the beach, walking through rain forest, snorkeling and drinking margaritas. We thought it was a fabulous spot to hang out for a few days and do all of the above…but not a place we wanted to live – Too hot and too steamy. So we caught a ride on the bus and rode up and over the Cordillera Mountains, which was like driving through a National Geographic photo shoot. We came to Boquete, where it was cool, breezy, misty and sunny (making rainbows everyday. We discovered a coffee farm…and bought it. That was five years ago. Three years ago we moved here full time and have never regretted the decision. Panama is not Paradise. It has its share of problems (face it–there are PEOPLE here!!!). Sometimes things don’t work, or work quickly, or work the way we were used to. But, it is a friendly country, with lovely people, a wealth of natural diversity, tolerant multiculturalism that makes divisions such as differences of race and religion…well, makes them irrelevant. Nowadays, we are busier than ever. Howard and I are partners in an internet radio broadcast program. We own an organic coffee farm and I am heavily involved in it’s day to day management and coffee marketing. Our oldest son and family have also moved here. We have made close friends, we are active members of a vital and creative community of expats and Panamanians.” Howard & Elizabeth – North Carolina, U.S.A.

“We were living in Florida.   We liked the freedom and the economy of Panama.” Dan & Cindy – Florida, U.S.A.

“I was at the cottage in Roseneath back from another fruitless winter of motor homing, looking for the perfect winter escape home and decided to expand the search to include the Caribbean. Panama seemed to offer more than an island so I added it to the list. Panama: for good climate,good incentives and no island fever!” Paul – Ontario, Canada


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Customer Reviews 5.0 out of 5 stars

Beautiful presentation with very well balanced information, definitely neither hype or negative.

By R Marrero (Tampa, Florida USA) –

“Anyone interested in Panama, especially to relocate or to invest in property, should definitely consider get this DVD. It’s non-bias approach, colorful scenery & up to the point information will help you get a better picture of what this country has to offer. It also provides with suggestions/do’s & dont’s on how to succeed there. Although not touristy oriented, it provides with some sightseeing of the main areas. At roughly one hour, it makes you “crave” for more. However it’s well put together. Also it’s in wide screen format, for awesome viewing on our flat screen TV. It’s worth the money.”

What are your reasons for thinking about Panama? Leave your answers in the comments section below. Join the conversation and watch what happens!

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