Panamanians Most Positive People in the World

Gallup finds Panama Most Positive
Gallup finds Panama Most Positive

Gallup Poll finds Panamanians the Most Positive People in the World

Latin Americans are the most positive people in the world, with their region being home to eight of the top 10 countries for positive emotions worldwide. Residents in Panama and Paraguay are the most likely to report experiencing positive emotions. Singaporeans, Armenians, and Iraqis are least likely worldwide to report feeling positive emotions.

Says Gallup in the introduction to their recent poll about emotions and how different people in 148 countries experience their emotional life.

It’s no big surprise to me. As I sit here in Victoria British Columbia I reflect on my recent Panama Road Trip and it strikes me how this poll validates what I noticed. When in Panama I notice the abundance of smiles, joy and laughter. Now that I am back in Canada I notice people with head down posture too busy to smile or even acknowledge a person passing on the sidewalk. It’s sad that in our pursuit of money, we tend to demand faster service and as a result we experience a faster pace of life. But at what cost?

Note – at least Canada does show up on the Gallup poll with 54% of responding being happy – about half way on the rank ordered list.
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