The Panama Starter Kit

In the past couple of weeks, I’ve encouraged you to take advantage of special offers for both the Panama Letter and the Live and Invest in Panama Conference.

And it seems that, although you have expressed an interest in Panama, there was something holding you back…

Perhaps the price was just out of range for what you’ve budgeted on your Panama research…or, maybe the Panama Letter or the Conference is simply too comprehensive for you at this point  – indeed, a full e-zine subscription or a plane trip down here can be overwhelming for someone just beginning his or her consideration of Panama!.

In any event, I’d like to help you learn as much as possible about Panama as a place to hang your hat or invest. Therefore, I’d be remiss if I did not mention the Panama Starter Kit.

After more than a dozen years spending time, investing, and doing business in this country…we’ve assembled an impressive and far-reaching list of in-country contacts and resources. And, as part of our Panama Starter Kit, we share it with you.

It’d take you many months, several trips to the country, and many thousands of dollars invested in travel and research to put together a rolodex like this one. And it’s but one small piece of our expanded Panama Starter Kit.

Furthermore, for the next 72 hours only,  the cost of the Panama Starter Kit is being discounted by nearly 35%… meaning that this complete resource is available for you, as a Preferred Learn About Panama Subscriber, for only US$97.

You can go here now to review everything that is included in the Panama Starter Kit, and to access the order form.

Discover why Panama qualifies as one of the world’s top retirement, business, and tax havens.

Come… escape to Panama…with our help.

P.S. Panama is the world’s #1 retirement haven…an international tax haven…and a global banking center.

  • Its pensionado program of special benefits for foreign retirees is the Gold Standard. As a foreign resident, you can pay zero local tax.
  • Panama is one of the best places in the world right now to start a business and one of the easiest places to obtain foreign residency.
  • Plus, outside Panama City, this beautiful country hides the smartest beach, river, and mountain property buys anywhere on the planet today.
  • If these things appeal to you as much as they appeal to me, then click here to read on.

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