Two Different Channels Of Getting Imports To Your Premises

In previous posts we’ve discussed the opportunity for creating an import/export business in Panama. There are so many wonderful good being produced in Panama – from art to coffee and many people in various markets who are more than happy to buy them. In this guest post our author gives an overview of things to consider when setting up an import business and specifically how to get items from Panama to market in your home town.

One factor to consider when setting up a business is how goods once sold from your store will reach the buyer. For businesses that are limited to physical communities, the only transportation need is it moves sold goods to the buyers’ premises.

This is clearly no brainer as the only requirement here is that you have enough hands to do the deliveries. When servicing a larger region such as a country, continent or globe, international logistics for transportation come into play. As the distance between your store and the delivery point becomes larger, so do the costs of shipping.

It is for this reason that some companies will offer shipping alternatives to their customers depending on their preferences. Internet shopping can greatly help you because once goods have been moved to the cart, the only way they can get to the buyer is through an international shipping company. There are two major shipping methods put in place by most stores that deal in both local and overseas deliveries.

•    Real time quotes on shipping – Instead of wild guessing what the current shipping rates of a company are, a store will redirect its customers to a shipping company site from where the cost of shipping will automatically be calculated. The costs are calculated based on the weight and location where the delivery is to be made. Many international couriers ship worldwide. This makes overseas shipping easier for a shopper because of competitive rates and a wide range of companies to choose from depending on how much you want to spend on the freight.

•    Fixed shipping quote – As the name suggests, this method of shipping does not depend on the variables’ changes for your product. They are fixed by the store and will be charged whether or not the products are to be shipped near or far. This method of shipping favors traders who deal in bulk purchases because they get to enjoy economies of scale.

Some people avoid the step of paying freight charges for companies they do not know and instead opt to contract their own couriers. This is a much better way of saving your money because you have the goods delivered to the freight company and this export company can then get the goods to you in the terms that you have renegotiated, which is also a good way to keep your freight handler in business.

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