Where Is Panama

Where is Panama
Panama is Close!

Panama is a small country that is essentially strip of land shaped like the letter S on its back. It is located about 1100 miles, almost due south of Miami, Florida. An Isthmus, Panama joins the two continents of North and South America thus it is aptly nick-named, ‘The Bridge of the Americas’.  The country actually stretches from east to west, which takes some getting used to. Most North Americans think of the Pacific Ocean being in the west while it’s counter part, the Atlantic is in the east. But, in Panama is found in between the two seas top and bottom the Caribbean to the north and the Pacific to the south.

With the sea north and south it is bordered by Costa Rica in the west and Columbia in the east. For a little perspective on size consider these facts – Panama has a land mass of 29,157 sq. miles which is almost the size of the state of South Carolina, coming in at 30,109 sq. miles. From west to east it’s about 400 miles in length and varies from 50 to 70 miles in width from north to south. Resulting in the truth that you can have breakfast in the Pacific Ocean in the morning and enjoy the afternoon on the Caribbean. There are several mountain ranges dissecting Panama in various places. The Talamanca Range found in the Province of Chiriqui is the western mountain range which continues from Costa Rica. Here you will find the highest mountain in the country, Volcan Baru. ‘Baru’, a dormant volcano, stands at 11,400 feet in height (or 3475 metres). It is also part of the protected national forest which includes tropical rain forests abundant with wildlife. Panama is runs between the 7th and 9th degrees of north latitude and between 77 and 83 degrees west longitude. This places Panama squarely in the tropical zone.

Considerably smaller when compared to the large land masses of the continental Americaa and Europe it maintains an old world intimacy.  Panama weather is largely affected by the large water masses around it rather than the small land mass it encompasses. In summary, Panama might be thought of as a small piece of land with varying terrain sitting in a large body of water and basking in the hot of sun! The Panama Canal, considered the eighth wonder of the world, bisects this country of lush jungles, fauna filled rain forests, pine-clad mountains and rolling plains. Both north and south Panama boast hundreds of islands just off shore.

Note: Many thanks to BoqueteWeather.com for their extensive research and excellent description of Panama.

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