8 Budgeting Tips For Your Next All Inclusive Vacation

For many years the Decameron Resort on Playa Blanca was the only all-inclusive resort in Panama. But over the past few years new resorts have proliferated along the beach areas giving travellers numerous options.

Here are some general budgeting tips to help make your Panama Vacation easier on the pocket book.

When you are planning your next all inclusive vacation, it can sometimes be difficult looking for ways to make ends meet. Knowing a few simple budget tips can make a gigantic difference that can allow for you to do a little more for your vacation. There is nothing worse than going on vacation and finding out that you are unable to afford the vacation.

Eight budgeting tips for your next all inclusive vacation:

Tip #1 Book A Flight During The Week

Everyone is traveling during the weekend, so naturally this is going to drive the prices up during the weekend. However, if you book a flight during the week you will pay significantly less for your plane tickets.

Tip #2 Buying Souvenirs Wisely

Now you may think that you need a giant basket from the Darien native artists, but retrospect (no matter how big it is), you could probably purchase that same object in your home country.

Tip #3 Travel On The Off Season

The law of supply and demand plays a huge role of the price tag. If you decide to go during the summer (January to April in Panama), then you should expect to pay a bigger price for your vacation. However, if you go during the winter (May to December), you will pay less because there are less people who vacation during that time frame. Sure you will have to put up with Panama’s rainy season but it can be a beautiful and refreshing time of the year plus the sun typically makes an appearance for a number of hours each day even during rainy season in Panama.

Tip #4 Only Pack The Necessities

The airlines is notorious for charging you extra money for extra things. If you want to save money in a simple way, then taking less with you is a fantastic way to save money and you probably will not even notice.

Tip #5 Plan Your Meals Beforehand

Especially in some areas because they require that you get reservations. San Francisco is particularly known for requiring people to make reservations. However, besides being able to get a meal, you can save money knowing ahead of time.

Tip #6 Understand Transportation

Taxis are going to be the most expensive, and this is what the majority of tourists take. Instead, take the less traveled route and take the bus or the new Panama subway. Then you can genuinely immerse yourself amongst the locals which is another benefit.

Tip #7 Bundle

You can save a fortune by bundling your vacation package. This way you will automatically have activities that have been paid for.

Tip #8 Discount Everything

Save money wherever possible. Whenever you see a discount, follow it and try to save money. Never take a discount for granted, the 10 dollars that you save on that discount could help you to do that extra activity.

Budgeting for your Panama vacation is the best way to enjoy a vacation because it helps you to take that vacation. There is nothing worse than being on vacation and running out of money. You feel helpless and like your vacation is already over. By saving money ahead of time you can avoid running out of money early.

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