Villa Romantica

Villa Romantico Contadora Island Panama
Villa Romantico
Contadora Island Panama Golf Cart
Contadora Transportation

Contadora is a pretty small island so the preferred method of transportation is walking or renting a golf cart – we did both. Just after our arrival on Isla-Contadora we visited Villa Romantica for breakfast. The Romantica is located on Cacique Beach which is the second longest beach on the island. It’s also said by the locals to be the most beautiful one too. At Villa Romantica you can also enjoy cocktails on the beach at Bar-Hawai. The beach bar is a popular meeting place for visitors. It’s located directly on the white sand beach of Playa Cacique, right next to the Villa Romantica. The Inn also has the lovely “Restaurant Romantico which has stunning views of the Cacique beach and the ocean.

Restaurante Romantico

Restaurante Villa Romantico Contadora Panama
Restaurante Romantico

The Restaurante Romantico  was one of the highlights of our visit to Contadora. Inside or outside on the terrace you get wonderful panoramic views of the Pacific. Sitting out on the terrace is a treat for dinning or just enjoying a bevvie while watching and listening to waves breaking on Playa Cacique. This became our breakfast spot but we also tried lunch and dinner here – more on a our special dinner later. On the menu we found a good selection of both Panamanian and international fare, but the best part of being here and in the Pearl Islands is the fresh fish, crayfish, and other seafood. A couple of surprises on the menu, due no doubt to owner Charlito’s heritage, are the  pepper steaks and Wiener Schnitzel. The meals were all delicious and combined with the great atmosphere I have to say that my next time to Contadora I will seriously consider staying at Villa Romantico. At the time we were there the chef was Paulino Smith and he spoiled us with excellent food and generous portions.

Villa Romantico Vista Contadora Panama
Villa Romantico Vista
Villas at Villa Romantico Contadora Panama
The Villas at Romantico

The photo here – to the left – gives you a glimpse of the view but mainly shows the terraced dinning areas at Villa Romantico. It’s just a great place to start the day with a fresh cup of Panama Coffee or to end the day with a cocktail. The photo to the right gives you a better idea of the fantastic little private villas which are incorporated into the terrace. The Romantico sits up above the beach so you really get this wonderful situation where you can enjoy views and the sound of the waves lapping on the beach while also having lush green foliage surrounding you. Also, on the terraced area you can see some of the Villas at Villa Romantico. These are private little rooms. In the main building where the restaurant is located they also have hotel style rooms. So, if you’re making a reservation be sure to specify which type of accommodation and the location of the room you want.

Playa Cacique

Villa Romantico Beach Contadora Panama
Playa Cacique Contadora

Have you stayed at Villa Romantica? Or, are you thinking of it and have some questions? What’s your take? Join the conversation and watch what happens!

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