Panama Becomes Hot Spot for Retirees on ABC News

This piece about retiring in Panama just appeared on ABC Eyewitness News

Panama Becomes Hot Spot for Minnesotan Retirees

Retire in PanamaPanama is fast becoming retirement hot-spot for thousands of Americans, including Minnesotans. The lure of a less expensive lifestyle is motivating retirees to take a long look at living overseas.

From a lower cost of living, to guaranteed discounts for retirees, to medical care at a fraction of the cost of comparable care in the United States, retirement in Panama is a very real option for anyone looking to make their retirement savings work harder.

We traveled to Panama and spend 3 days talking to Minnesotans who have already retired to Panama, we take you to see everything from a grocery store to the inside of a hospital room, so you can decide for yourself if life in Panama could be a right fit for your retirement.

Right now Panama is in the spotlight.  Below we’ve provided links to some of  the articles we read as we researched our story.

This is the biggie! The New York Times article says Panama tops the list of places to see in 2012.


This article provides a basic background on retirement issues and questions.


This article answers some basic questions on property. We were told that rental property is plentiful. The website below is a wealth of information, you could spend hours searching through this one.


Finally: International Living Magazine. We spoke with Panama Editor Jessica Ramesch and she has weekly articles on Panama that provide information and insight into life in Panama.  I will warn you, her articles are fun to read, and they will tempt you to sell everything and fly out later in the afternoon.

Click here to see more behind the scenes video of our trip to Panama.

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