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When it comes to visting Panama we’ve worked hard to make it easy for you. Just click on any of the categories below to discover more details and information for planning your visit to Panama.

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Panama Travel Tips

Panama Travel Tips and Tools

Click on the link above or the image to the left to discover a wide variety of Panama Travel Tips and Tools. We’ve put together a list of our favs and in some cases given you a bit of background as to why we think using these tools will help you save time, money and aggravation when planning your trip to Panama. Some of these tools we really wish we had when  we first visited Panama and others we did discover and took complete advantage of. Be sure to bookmark the page and come back to check it out as we will be keeping it current and adding the best travel tips and tools we can uncover.


Panama Hotels
Panama Hotels

Panama Hotels

We’ve pulled together and organized options for you when it comes to staying in Panama. Our Panama Hotels Directory is organized by region so as you follow our journeys throughout the country in my Letter’s from Panama you will be able to refer back to this directory and see the places we stay. We’ve done more for you here too. Not everyone wants to stay where I like to stay so I’ve offerred some options – our directory shows you a cross section of Panama Hotels, B&B’s, Inns and Resorts from budget accommodations through to luxury. I haven’t stayed in all of these places but I have checked them out. The other thing we have done here is to identify specifically on Google Maps exactly where these places are. If you’ve done any searching for accommodations in Panama at all you’ve probably discovered how woefully inaccurate and in many cases absent, accurate directions and map locations are.