5 Benefits Of Using A Campervan For A Mini Vacation

Today our guest author explores the benefits of camping.

Although not the road most travelled in Panama there are campers who have found it a great way to see the country. Rural Panama is very safe and also has a lot of wide open space to be discovered. I would certainly recommend a four-wheel drive camper or van so you can find those untouched places.

A campervan is the best choice for a wanderer, a bird watching enthusiast, budget travelers, and everyone who has a good taste for the outdoors. Many people are embracing the road and camp trips as they look for rewarding ways of spending time away from work, with friends and family. Here are five benefits of choosing campervan hire for your mini vacation:

1. It allows you to discover new experiences

The possibilities of a camping trip are endless, as long as the general route of travel is ready. There are no limitations to hotel and restaurant availability or access to utilities, as all you need is you camping gear and an open space for pitching. You can create your fun activities or explore strange places as well as experiencing the wild, as you desire.

2. It gives you a cheap vacation option

The cost of moving from one place to another with a campervan could be only the fuel charge, and even this is low as many such vehicles have low engine capacities. You will not pay for bringing extra luggage to your trip like the case with airline transport. You can use the van for accommodation too. During your trip, there will be no cab hire needs as the van works well both in towns and in rural areas.

3. It allows you to bring luxurious amenities onboard

If you care about your gadgets or other must-haves, bringing them to your trip is possible. For example, a golfer can take the clubs and use them at an open field in camping sites or open areas. The van is usually big and strong enough for bikes used on mountainous areas, or a boat for using on lakes.

4. It is easy to get a campervan

Hiring a campervan is not complicated and only requires you to prove that you are qualified to drive it. Most companies will offer different ways of paying for the vehicles and provide various types of vehicles to suit your camping and trip needs.

5. It can access all areas that small car will

Unlike motorhomes, which are big and high, a campervan is usually compact, has a collapsible roof and is easy to handle. Its small size lets you use normal car parks, narrow streets and low overpasses or tunnels. The flexibility gives you more options for your vacation. The van will not easily stick to mud because of its lightweight.

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