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What’s Your Dream Retirement?

Here’s the secret to realizing the retirement of your dreams overseas…and here’s your chance to try it out for only US$1.

Start laying the plans for a retirement that so far exceeds your expectations…and even your current lifestyle…that if you hadn’t read so many reports from people actually living it today, you wouldn’t believe it possible.

Find out how for the cost of a single Greenback. I guarantee it’ll be the best dollar you’ve ever spent. Don’t take my word for it.

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Just under two years ago, this online course was  launched — it’s truly the first of its kind — to take enrolled readers through a step-by-step program covering every aspect of planning for a new kind of life overseas — a Dream for many that can come true.

We take great pleasure today in reporting that, in the nearly 22 months since, this course has helped many graduates make the leap and launch their adventures abroad.

To celebrate the success of the program and its graduates, we’re offering you one final chance to arrange a seven-day trial enrollment for only a single dollar.

It’s not marketing hype. You could live better in retirement than you’re living today…much better. However, I understand that it can sound too good to be true, so, for just US$1, I’m giving you this chance to find out for yourself how the retirement of your dreams can become your reality.

Don’t take my word for it. Thousands of your fellow readers, not to mention over 6 million other North American expats, are living the life you’re dreaming about, right now!

Here’s your chance to join them for only $1!

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