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Hostal Refugio del Río

Hostal Refugio del Río Boquete Panama
Hostal Refugio Boquete

In Boquete the Hostal Refugio del Río is known as the ‘luxury hostel’. Now I’m not sure if that is an oxymoron or not but I can say that it could easily be called an inn. The owners of Refugio hostel recently opened, on the same property, extra accommodations under the name – Cabañas Villa Lorena. (Note – see my page for more details about Cabañas Villa Lorena)  Which is probably a more appropriate title as it certainly sounds more inviting! So, if you’re searching and you are wondering why these two show up at the same location on Google Maps now you know they are the same place! Now this gets a little complicated because the Hostel Refugio del Río is still on the same site too. Let me try and explain – due to increased demand and the owners desire to expand their share of the Boquete lodging market they opened the main house up as a hostel while the Cabañas remain as private accommodations. The location is very nice. It’s just a short walk north from the central square and is located right on the Chiriqui River. It’s much quieter staying here as opposed to the hostels in town which are scattered around the square. When the ‘Feria’ (fair) or carnival celebrations hit town staying here can be a blessing as the centre of town can be very, very noisy all day and all night long.

Hostal Refugio del Río Boquete Panama
Hostal Refugio Dorm

Like most hostels at Hostal Refugio del Río you will find a communal kitchen, dining and living area. They have two private rooms starting at $25 per night or you can stay in one of two dorm rooms. The ‘Tucan’ has ten single beds and the ‘Quetzal’ has six single beds either dorm is available for $10 for a bed per night. Of course fresh, clean bedding, pillows and blankets are provided. The hostel also has plenty of free parking, cable TV and free wi-fi internet. Self serve laundry facilities are also available at $1 per wash and $2 dry.

Hostal Refugio <= Click for Google Maps

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