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The Best of Boquete Panama

The Top Ten Things I love about Boquete

I was corresponding with my good friend, Phyllis from beautiful Boquete in the Chiriqui Highlands of Panama. Phyllis and her husband Kent share my passion for this region of the country as we both own small farms (fincas) here. I asked Phyllis what she loved most about living in Boquete and here is her response –

10. Volcan Baru (Baru Volcano)

What a beautiful, yet mysterious landmark, especially when the clouds rest half the way up, as if they are too tired to hike all the way to the top. I could look at it all day. It is supposed to be an active volcano, so even though it isn’t due to blow for another 200 to 300 years, it adds an element of excitement!

9. Panama Orchids

The way Orchids grow on trees. I always thought that they only grew in the wilds of greenhouses to be used for bridal bouquets and prom corsages. I can walk out any day and see orchids hanging on to trees, waiting for just the right time to bloom.

My second year in Panama I had the joy of living on Finca Orquidea – The Orchid Farm. Here are a few shots from the property –

8. The Local Native Children

The Nobe Bugle Indian children who are always so serious unless they know you. Deep, dark pensive eyes peering out from underblack hair. I love to try to make them laugh. Usually, Hola doesn’t get much of a response, but crossing my eyes or pulling the sides of my mouth with my fingers usually does get a smile. I am currently running at a 80% success rate.

7. Boquete Weather

Yes, I know,everyone says this so it is getting a bit trite, but there is nothing trite about Rainbows. I love them. Sometimes doubles.  Sometimes they even wait for me to run in and get my camera before dissipating. But not always.

6. The Boquete Rain

Not the torrential downpours that make you think you need to place an urgent phone call to Noah, but the lighter side of rain here. I sit at my window and watch the birds run (or fly) for cover.

5. The slow Boquete pace

Instead of getting irritated because there are two cars parked in the middle of the road, their drivers oblivious to the fact that there might be traffic coming, I think, how cool it is that Boqueteños are so friendly that they can´t pass a neighbor on the road without stopping to say hello, or sharing the local gossip.

4. Panamas Birds.

Huge blue hummingbirds, green quetzals with magnificent tails, parrots flying in a small herd overhead, and the little blue, green, yellow and red birds that are so grateful for the bananas I feed them. I have a ‘Birds of Panama’ book, but I never want to run inside to get it and check out the name of the bird, because I´m afraid they´ll fly away while I´m in the house. I can’t waste a moment of opportunity to look at them.

3.The Annual Panama Parades

The beautiful girls in their native tipico dresses, the boys in the campesinos costumes.. And the drums. You know, dah, dah,dah, dum, dah, dah, dah, dum, dah, dah,dah,dah, dah, dah , dah dah dah dum. Same beat every year. I passed a school the other day when the drummers were practicing, and I don´t know how much they pay the music teachers, here, but it  isn’t enough!

2. The Panamanian Smiles

The way the Panamanians usually just smile at me when I butcher the Spanish language. Or tell me they don´t understand what I am trying to say in Spanish, then start talking to me in English. Or just smile and say “si” when I know they have no idea what I am trying to say but keep trying anyways! And they keep trying to make some sense out of me. Good luck to both of us.

And the #1 reason why I love Boquete:

# 1. The Panamanian People

Beautiful to look at, beautiful to be with. How lucky am I?!

So, what do think makes Boquete one of the Best Places to Live?  Leave your answers and questions in the comments section below. Join the conversation and watch what happens!

Hasta Luego


P.S. Please tell me what you thought of this letter in the comments area below. What did you like? What could you have done without? What else can I tell you about Panama? Leave your comments, questions, suggestions – join the conversation and watch what happens!

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