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Gudbai Gringa – Gringo, Gudbai!

Flexibility and Adaptability = Joy and Happiness Closed Minded and Rigid = Frustration and Discontent Why is it when we go to a foreign country we find it so difficult to adjust – to leave the customs and traditions of our home country behind? I believe it’s partially due to not spending enough time in that new foreign… Continue Reading

Why John Chose Panama

As John and Deb prepare for their big move to Panama I asked John, How did you come to choose Panama as a place to invest and retire to? I found it interesting that John had actually chosen Costa Rica first and had even put a deposit down on property there only to change his mind… Continue Reading

John’s Letters from Panama

Ready to Learn even more about Panama? Would it be interesting to follow along as someone just like you goes through the process of moving to Panama? You’ve either already read my story or you may be in the process of just starting my Letters from Panama and I’ve got some really exciting news for you…… Continue Reading