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Why you might want to live and retire in Panama

I recently received this letter form Paul Smith. He’s a budding travel writer who recently looked at the advantages of living and retiring in Panama. Although Paul writes about many things LAP readers know as common knowledge I though it wold be nice to hear it from someone else like you who has been doing their own research.

Panama is a great country with advantages and disadvantages. However, according to the numerous USA publications Panama still comes out on top as  the best place for living and retiring. Now, I want to present you the main reasons I’ve discovered —

  • Panama is famous for the low cost of living, especially for foreigners. It has a lot of social programs, which permit you to live safely. The Economist’s Intelligence Unit made a calculation and called Panama the most suitable for its prices for foreigners.
  • There is inexpensive high class medicine in Panama, where you don’t need a considerable bank account for good-quality medical help.
  • Moreover, Panama has a special Retired Persons discount, which has many benefits for retired people, which encourages them to live here. To be the participant of this program you need monthly income of 1000$, police report and a health certificate. Thus, you can attain all the privileges of this program.
  • One of the most important advantages of living in Panama is the dollar as a currency. You won’t be confused by the prices, it makes free for foreign visitors to purchase things there. By the way, it is the reason of the most stable economy in Latin America.
  • People in Panama are known as friendly and fun-living. It happened historically, as Panama has always been the retreat for international immigrants. The Panama inhabitants are very fun and it is proved by their active nightlife. You will never be bored with them.
  • Panama is one of the safest regions in Latin America. It is a well-known fact that it is the most peaceful place for tourists in the sense of rubbery, and you will avoid hurricanes and earthquakes there. Of course, as well as in the other countries, there are regions, where it isn’t recommended to go, but totally you don’t need to sleep with your purse to keep it safe.
  • Panama has the richest infrastructure, though it is rather small it has a variety of world-class attractions. You will never be bored as there are always things to do: there are more than 1000 little islands, two the most beautiful coasts, tropical rainforests, beautiful mountains, active nightlife, golfing, fishing, full-service resorts etc.

Though it is for you to decide, I would recommend Panama for life and retire, if you want peace combined with entertainment and comfortable life conditions.

About the author: Paul Smith works as a writer at essay writing service. He likes traveling, books and always explores new fields of knowledge. Wants to be a multiskilled expert.

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