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Top 3 Tips For Packing If You Plan To Move to Panama

Whether you move to Panama for retirement or because you have found a better job under the new and improved immigration laws or you purchased a more spacious house, the whole process of packing and loading your belongings is definitely stressful and even annoying sometimes.

In this guest post one of our long time Learn about Panama readers gives us some tips on how they made their move from Toronto to Panama go more smoothly. 

Even if your family members help you or a few neighbors chip in with the moving, it is still quite time-consuming. That is why it could be a great idea to hire a moving company from Toronto and let them handle this task. Toronto movers are skilled and experienced and they can perform the whole moving process correctly and in a short time. However, if you want to do it on your own, here are a few tips that might be useful:

1.    Make a list. It is important to track everything in your house in order to make sure that you didn’t forget anything. For example, you can make a few different lists, one for each room. Also, you can label the lists as “big items” and “small items”. The “big items” such as furniture will be loaded into trucks or vans and the “small items” will go in boxes. Also, those lists will be very helpful for you when you unload and unpack everything in your new house. That is because you can check if you have brought everything and make sure that you didn’t forget a painting or something similar.

2.    Appropriate equipment. When loading and packing everything, make sure that you use blankets, bags and special cases in order to protect your items and belongings. Especially if you have expensive audio or video equipment, it is a good idea to use soft protective cases for them in order to prevent damaging. When you are loading them in trucks, use blankets to minimize the stress on them. Also small blankets or towels can be used to stabilize your dishes and glasses in boxes. Make sure that you use those items to protect your belongings. Luckily, you will avoid any damage when you reach your destination.

3.    Label everything. If you don’t want to waste time remembering where this chair belonged or whose laptop is this, it is a very good idea to label every box that you have. For example, you can stick labels like “Bella’s room” on all the boxes that contain your daughter’s belongings. It will make it easier when you are unpacking. When you arrive at your destination, those boxes will go straight to your daughter’s new room and you avoid dead times.

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