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Hotel Ladera Boquete

The Hotel Ladera Boquete is one of the newest Boquete Hotels. The hotel was constructed a few years ago just across the bridge from the Panamonte Hotel. Unfortunately, shortly after construction there were heavy rains in the mountains which caused the Rio Caladera to swell over it’s banks. Not only did this take out the bridge it also almost washed away the Hotel Ladera. The storm has long passed. The bridge was washed away and has not been replaced but the Hotel survived and any damage from the Rio has long since been repaired. Today the Hotel Ladera offers visitors to Boquete yet another option for lodging. This Boquete Hotel prices to the higher end of the scale with rooms starting at $100 per night so it’s comparable to the Panamonte Hotel & Spa or the Valle Escondido Hotel & Resort.

Hotel Ladera Boquete
Hotel Ladera Boquete

The Hotel Ladera features 20 rooms – 18 doubles and two singles. For those looking for long term stay in Boquete they do have one two bedroom, two bath fully furnished apartment available to rent. They also have a small but reasonably priced on-site bar and restaurant.

Being on the Jaramillo side of the river, especially with the bridge now gone makes for a quiet spot for this hotel. Just down the road, in fact just a short walk, is the Boquete Fair Grounds where the famous Coffee and Flower Fair takes place early each New Year. Looking back at our other Boquete Hotels the Hotel Oasis is located on the same side of the river and the opposite side of the fair grounds.  Valle Escondido Hotel is much further away and although the Panamonte is just across the river now with the bridge gone one has to walk all the way around. So, if you are planning a trip to Boquete to enjoy any of the Boquete fairs either Hotel Ladera or Hotel Oasis would be excellent choices for quick and easy access to the fair grounds.  That said, Boquete is a relatively small town and most of the Boquete hotels are a walk from the central square.

Further up the road from the hotel Ladera amd in the opposite direction from the fair grounds the winding road makes for a fantastic hike or bike ride through beautiful, lush greenery with numerous coffee farms lining each side of the road. Additionally Boquete is really at the end of the road so when you wander you will always find yourself and the road circling back to town. On the way you will come across the former president Mireya Moscoso family coffee finca (farm) and also yet another Boquete Hotel – The Boquete Garden Inn.

Hotel Ladera Boquete Map

Hotel Oasis Boquete

Hotel Oasis Boquete aka ‘El Oasis’ is a countryside Boquete Hotel located beside the Caldera River just 5 minutes from downtown Boquete.  It’s also close to and an easy walk to the Boquete Fair Grounds which host the famous Boquete Flower Fair and the Coffee Fair. The Oasis Hotel offers comfortable rooms and suites for… Continue Reading

Valle Escondido Hotel Boquete

Our late arrival in Boquete left us scampering around to see what hotels in Boquete might have a vacancy. We didn’t even see the Valle Escondido Hotel for two very good reasons: in early 2003 the Hotel in Valle Escondido didn’t even exist and it’s hidden – Valle Escondido is Spanish for Hidden Valley! Our… Continue Reading